Photography, Game Design, Music, Writing, Cybermancy and Free Thinking.

Hi there !

I'm a musician/game designer/writer/photographer, coming from far across the free culture. I work with free software and make free art.

My process is pretty simple, get an idea, let it mature in my mind for a few month then start working on it if it is really worth it. I decide very quickly fields and draw the boundaries of my work: it can be about the techniques used or themes and subjects of the piece. These fields and boundaries give me a frame to work with, but it also creates challenges to play with; they form the base of every future decisions about the piece.
Once I started working on something, I don't set a time constraint, I carry on (for years sometimes) until the piece is done efficiently. "Efficiently", for me, is the moment when the idea is incarnated in an understandable shape, it's not perfect or even acceptable but serves its purpose. And that's all I need to go to the next step.

I mostly try to make ethical art without concession in a very straightforward approach: what you see or experience is precisely what I'm trying to show to you. Sometimes, the obvious is the hardest to notice. My photographs are the perfect examples of that.

I'm making free art because free culture seems to me the only ethical path for arts. I'm constantly amazed to see art's makers considering their means disconnected from their work, as if their use of softwares, machines and tools didn't impact the final product… Depicting world's issues, creating fun experimentation, making some technical perfections in some random style, all these things are overcome by fashions and vanities at the end. That's why art is meaningless except for artists these days. To counter that, I work with free tools, add documentation to my work and share my little bit of knowledge and discovery. I hope that my means are indeed twisting my work, and because I produce under free licenses I hope that others will twist my work as well one day...

Resume (en)
Curriculum Vitae en Français.

31 ans



2010 : National High Degree Of Plastic Expression at Esadse (France).
2008 : National Plastic Arts Degree at Esadse (France).
2004 : Bachelor (France).

Softwares used

- MAO : Ardour, Non, Audacity, Milkytracker, Hydrogen.
- PAO : Inkscape, Scribus, The Gimp.
- Game design/engine : Choicescript, Phaser.js, Blender, Trello, Git (Github, Bitbucket), Mattermost.
- Other : Pure Data (Purr Data), Kdenlive, Processing.



- Volunteer for ALOLISE.

- Clerk of Musique Libre ! non-profit association since 2011.

- Volunteer for Khaganat/Khanat (french open source mmorpg).


- Founder and president of Formats Libres non-profit association since 2012-2017.

- Programme director for the Libre Software Meeting (RMLL2017) [2017].

- Drummer for Kläh Foo Tëah (french rock band) [2010-2016].

- President of the student non-profit association : Le_Garage (RIP), for two years [2008-2010].

- Member of Loam Community (LOAM for an Open Art Market).


French : Mother tongue.
English : Good.


* Brain Roster [2016]
Wei or Die, Le jeu qui voulait être un film.

* Mindgame [2015]
Life is strange, chronique à mi-parcours.

* Multitudes 37/38, Abécédaire de la crise [2009]
Little Big Planet and Fallout 3.

Main exhibitions

* Wokshop : Mixing with Ardour, Lyon [2016]
Workshop, Mixing a rock song with Ardour on JDLL for Musique Libre !.

* Quand le Libre s'organise, Saint-Étienne [2016]
Planning a concert : Mig Inc and Bololipsum at Le Pax for Musique Libre !.

* Le Capitol du Libre, Toulouse [2014]
Conference : 10 ans de Musique Libre en France for Musique Libre !.

* La Superette Festival, Neuchâtel, Switzerland [2014]
Table ronde : Musique Libre : Terminologie et Enjeux for Musique Libre !.

* Avatarium Festival, Saint-Etienne [2014]
Conference : Le Libre est un outil de maîtrise technologique, a-t-il des limites ? Qu'en est-il d'un Libre qui se passerai de l'informatique et des réseaux ? for Musique Libre !. The conference's transcript is available in french here.

* Avatarium Festival, Saint-Etienne [2013]
Exhibition for Formats Libres.

* Avatarium Festival, Saint-Etienne [2010]
Exhibition Control-G for Le_Garage.

* Bandits-Mages Festival, Bourges [2009]
Exhibition Le Garage for Le_Garage.

* Biennale internationnale Design of Saint Etienne [2008]
Exhibition Le Garage for Le_Garage.